How to Learn Indian Cookery From the Comfort of Your Own Home

How to Learn Indian Cookery From the Comfort of Your Own Home

There is a game that many of the talk show hosts use in their shows called – ‘I say a word you give me a substitute’. If I say spices, you will say Indian food; of course there are vegetables, different herbs and some fruits too that are employed in Indian cooking.

There are certain dishes however that are famous globally both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian, though the cooking style may vary when you move from one place to another. What makes Indian food tempting is the combination of modern and the ancient that makes people lose themselves to the exotic flavors. No wonder then that people are crazy to learn about Indian cooking! Cooking classes can be taken up by an individual either on a part time basis or a full time basis. But before you join any you have to ensure certain things or may be ask yourself a question or two. You may consider asking yourself the following

Passion: There is an old saying that all know cooking, but not all know cooking! Cooking may seem easy but you have to have a passion for the same in order to join cooking classes. Not many who join cookery classes come out as good cooks.Decide the Intent: ‘Why am I joining cooking’? The answer should be in terms of whether you are looking at taking up cooking as a full time profession or as part time option, just to hone your cooking skills.

How Much Time Can I Dedicate: If you looking for a part time course for learning new Indian dishes, see when can you take out time for the same – weekends or weekdays.Where Do I Join: This is the most important question that you have to ask, yourselves once you are done with above mentioned questions. There are lots of cookery classes available. You can look for cooking institutes in your area. You can also learn Indian cookery from the comfort of your home online!

Indian society is an amalgamation of different cultures; such diversity is to be found nowhere on the globe and for each culture there are cuisines. The cooking style, the spices and condiments and the delicacies change with the culture. But typically Indian foods are known for their spicy flavor. To experiment with spices and home your skills, joining a professional cooking institutes is a good idea.

There are lots of benefits associated with joining cooking classes. First and foremost you learn to make good food not only for yourself but also for your family and friends. The other benefits can be: Enjoying Good Food: You make food the way you like it! Good food creates a positive impact on your psyche; you tend to be happier professionally and personally.

Ensure health and hygiene: Food cooked at home is healthier and hygienic. You can customize your preparations as per your nutrition requirements. Diabetics can prepare foods low on sugar, those who suffer from hypertension can vary the salt intake as per their doctors advice. The main benefit of cookery classes is that everything that is available in restaurants, you cook at home.

Foster relationships: Good food brings people together, be it your spouse, your children, your siblings, your parents or your friends. Food that tastes well fosters relationships by adding more spice and sugar to it. Additionally, the benefit of attending cooking classes is that you meet new people who are on the same wavelength i.e. people who like you are fond of cooking!

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There is a good age old maxim which says, ‘if not now then when, if not me then who’. So if you are really fond of cooking and want to learn more, start looking for cooking institutes in your area now!

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