Why are cloud comms so important?

Why are cloud comms so important?

As more businesses are embracing remote working and are often faced with a dispersed or international workforce, the use of cloud communication is essential in ensuring communications take place. Being able to speak to an employee, colleague or customer in another part of the world is becoming more commonplace, and the demand for cloud communication is greater.


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Traditionally, businesses would invest in phone lines and desk phones to run communications or telephone calls. Cloud communications are now able to change how those calls are made through its disruptive technology, innovations and associated benefits. This means costly installations and overheads are no longer an exclusion from a marketplace for those with lower start-up costs.


Having multiple features in cloud communications allows for an increase in productivity. Being able to handle calls from mobile apps and laptops and across multiple sites has the benefit of reducing friction in the workflow.

Equally, cloud communications are able to grow alongside small businesses, which is useful for start-ups who will need to add in users as their employee numbers increase.


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One of the biggest benefits to business is the cost. Paying a monthly cost per user can reduce the business telephony costs and moves away from the reliance of hardware, which is especially important for smaller businesses. Instead of using desk phones, staff are able to make calls from their computers.

Where you would once be charged at a rate depending on the service provider at the destination, you are now able to take advantage of az termination such as
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Cloud communications mean that your business is no longer tied to a particular office or location. Staff can work remotely and still stay in touch with the office and their colleagues, attend meetings and file reports. In fact, some businesses are now able to operate completely remotely without the need for a head office thanks to cloud communications.

There are clear benefits for small businesses and start-ups using cloud communications. It can reduce overheads, increase flexibility and productivity, and grow alongside the business as it expands. It is a low-risk investment that allows companies to be truly global and forward-facing by embracing the new technological developments in this field.

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